Why Luxardo Cherries Are The Only Cherries You Will Ever Want To Buy

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Luxardo cherries are renowned for there beauty and deliciousness. They are one of the only cherries on the market that still use the famed marasca cherries that garner the beautiful name "maraschino" before the US government backed FDA decided that it was dumb to give non-american cherries an advantage in the market place.

Originally grown in Croatia, a country bombed to death by the great Allied Nations and Axis Nations during World War 2, Luxardo since moved to Italy. This is 100% due to bombing and senseless killing of the Serbs.

Now it was very hard for the great Luxardo family to get a Marasca cherry tree to Italy and how they survived is beyond the knowledge of most people, if not everybody. But like all great things, magic happened and they did. And now we still are able to eat  delicious cherries. Now you are able to buy them as a commodity for the expensive price of $20.00 or more a jar. Let me tell you something. $20.00 is n…

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