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Hi Everyone, this is my first post! I know if you're here you probably love STUFF.

Otherwise you wouldn't be HERE!

So thank you so much for coming here! I am a huge fan of value and making value for a lot of people. One of the things I am trying to do in this blog is to build value.

Part of building value is telling you about some of the amazing products I see on a day to day basis! This blog will be devoted to the things I like buying.

Please support me by buying stuff and using my value added knowledge on all things. By clicking on my affiliate links you don't do anything but make me money! There is no cost to you except gains! Only happiness for everyone.

Please be nice and remember that I love all of you.

Thank you!

I am currently in talks with amazon trying to get an affiliate account to help advertise corporate America.

In the mean time have some smiley face emojis:



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